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Priority definitions from the Pexip SLA documentation

Priority Definition Examples (Non-exhaustive)
1 - Urgent The service is down or there is a critical impact to business operation. No workaround exists. Partner and Pexip both will commit full-time resources to resolve the issue. 1. Region has no access to VMRs.
2. Multiple endpoints and soft clients are unable to register to service.
2 - High Operation of components of the Pexip Service platform are severely degraded or business critical aspects of the End Users’ experience are negatively impacted by unacceptable performance. 1. Regional registration/calling issue for some subscription/customers.
2. Unable to connect to new subscriptions/VMRs.
3. Single (1,2,3) PSTN number(s) does not work (no general PSTN outage)
3 - Normal A light degradation of service with medium to low impact on business operations. Single user is able to operate normally but with some inconvenience. 1. No access to, or requests to get, historical call analysis.
2. Password reset issues.
3. Not receiving e-mails from portal.
4 - Low Non-service affecting issues and scheduled maintenance.