On domains and prefixes

This article will explain the differences between the two domain options (shared or own), as well as what are the rules for the prefixes used in the conference id.

But first, should you use shared or own domain? Here's a short guide to help on that decision:

Use our shared domain (gmeet.pexip.me) if you...

  • want to get quickly up and running with a minimum of configuration on your side,
  • don't want to pay extra for domain hosting,
  • need support for Skype for Business

Use your own domain if...

  • you want to have your own branded dial-in URI,
  • you don't mind setting up your own SRV records,
  • you don't need support for Skype for Business

Shared domain

If you use the shared domain, the system will automatically assign a 4-digit prefix (between 8000 and 8999) for you. You can not change this.

Should you wish to register video endpoints to the Pexip service or use a Pexip VMR, note that these will not be allowed to use the shared gmeet.pexip.me domain. If you want to continue using a Pexip branded (and free) domain, onpexip.com is there for you.

If you are already using the shared domain and want to start using your own domain: please contact your Pexip partner contact to initiate this process.

Own domain

With own domains the default is no prefix at all (empty field). You will, however, be able to define your own prefix, using 1 to 4 digits.

If you already use your own domain for Pexip VMRs and registered endpoints, you can continue to use this for the Google Meet gateway.

Also, note that we do not limit to one domain per company. The Pexip gateway service supports multiple domains (e.g. eu.company.com, us.company.com, etc.).


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