Google Hangouts Meet set-up

This article explains how to make your environment ready for using Pexip Google Hangouts Meet interoperability as a service. (For information on how to integrate Google Hangouts Meet with Pexip Infinity, please go here.)

Please note that the below shows screenshots from the shared domain ( The same steps are required if you want to use your own domain. The only difference is that you will need to set up the SRV records for your own domain prior to starting the process described below.

Steps to configure your environment

1. Once we enable your Hangouts Gateway interoperability within our system, you’ll receive an initial email with instructions on enabling the feature within your Google Admin pages and generating a security token to upload to Pexip.  This will establish the trust relationship between your and Pexip environments.


2. Upload the security token to Pexip.  It includes entering the PIN provided in the first email.


3. This will provision the service and you’ll receive a confirmation email from Pexip saying the service has been configured and you can start using the service.


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