Tandberg MXP endpoint fails to provision

Customers registering Tandberg MXP endpoints to the Pexip Cloud may encounter issues with provisioning these devices to the service.

By default the Tandberg MXP endpoint supports HTTP for provisioning of this endpoint.

Support for HTTP provisioning via prov.videxio.net was discontinued by the Pexip service in 2018 and now requires that all device use HTTPS for secure device provisioning.

To enable HTTPS provisioning on the MXP endpoint it requires command line access to the device and the issuing of the following commands:

xConfiguration CorporateDirectory Protocol: HTTPS
xConfiguration ExternalServices Protocol: HTTPS
xConfiguration ExternalManager Protocol: HTTPS

This change may also require the adjustment of the network firewall rules to allow for HTTPS (443 TCP) communication by the MXP with the service.

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