Company usage statistics for Administrators


The administrator has the ability to overlook the company wide usage statistics for the service via the Pexip web app:

Please note that if you don’t see the “Company usage” option, you have not been set up with Company administrator rights. Please contact your supplier or another other Company administrator to grant you access.

The usages statistics goes back three months and displays call minutes per day. Endpoints, Users and VMRs can be investigated separately on this page. Clicking on the different category (endpoint etc.) gives the separate overview. 

These statistics show user trends throughout the month selected for display.


Calls are broken down in to 3 categories:

  • Calls in Period = Total number of calls for VMR and Point to Point calls 
  • Call Duration in Period = Total minutes of calls for VMR and Point to Point calls
  • Room Duration in Period  = Total minutes of company VMR usage for the month
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