Windows users unable to start My Meeting Video after subscription cancellation

A with the My Meeting Video application on Windows machines has been identified with subscriptions that have been cancelled/deactivated then a new subscription purchased where they are unable to start My Meeting Video to log in.

This issue particularly affects users who had been using a trial subscription and purchased a paid subscription.

The error is shown in the My Meeting Video log files as below:

2019-05-31T06:47:36.781Z EXCEPTION [sagas] task=satellite failed 
[ "Error: failed to refresh access token after 3 tries, httpsStatus=404,
message=\"Not Found\", subscription=\"s:651ee2d4-xxxx-48f0-0000-bxxxxxxxxxa\"",


The current work around is to uninstall My Meeting Video from the PC

Then delete My Meeting Video's AppData directory

   C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\My Meeting Video 

Then reinstall the application as per the usual steps

This should then allow you to start and log in to My Meeting Video as per normal.



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