Microsoft Teams setup

This article explains how to make your environment ready for using Pexip's Cloud Video Interop Service for Microsoft Teams.

But first: If you are a brand new customer on the service and/or have not already configured your SRV records for the custom domain to be used, this must be done. Please see this article for instructions.

Important: to manage the remaining configuration, you must be registered as your organization's Office 365 global administrator.

Steps to configure your environment

1. After requesting access to the service, you will receive an email asking you to authorize the Pexip CVI application. Click the link "Initiate consent for your Tenant".


 2. This opens a web page where you again need to click on "Initiate consent for your Tenant".


3. Follow the instructions to log in with your O365 account and then click "Accept" when prompted.

First, sign in:


Then, accept the request:


Please see this link for more information about permissions and what they are used for.

4. Finally, a confirmation page verifies that the consent was successfully provided. On this page, you'll also find the powershell script. Copy and run this.


After this, the settings need to propagate and you will receive a final email from us when the service is ready:


You can verify that your domain has been correctly set up here:

Please note:

1. It may take several hours before the new meeting template is displayed.

2. If you schedule using Outlook, be aware that the cache contains the old template for the next meeting. You therefore needs to schedule two meetings the first time in order to see the new meeting details. This applies to all users.

That's it! 👏

This article explains how to invite and join a MS Teams meeting from a video system.

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  • Hi Amund,
    on the first part of your (great) article, you talked about a SRV record for the custom domain to be used. You meant the SRV record for SfB/Teams or there is a dedicated one for Pexip (e.g.
    Thank you

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  • Hi Simone, this is for the dedicated one for the Teams gateway service on Pexip. Please also see this article:

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  • are you not able to send content from Teams to Pexip users?

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  • Hi Debbie, sorry for the late answer! Yes, you certainly can share content. But note that a Teams client can only share its desktop or a window with a VTC system; PowerPoint file and whiteboard sharing is not currently supported.

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