Managing the company

Administrators of the service can use the company administration site in mypages to administrate the users and evaluate the usage of the service.

Clicking on the three dots in the top right corner opens a menu where the administrator is given two more items than regular users of the service: “Company administration” and “Company usage”.

Please note that if you don’t see the “Company administration” option, you have not been set up with Company administrator rights. Please contact your supplier or another Company administrator to grant you access.

‘Company administration’ gives the administrator an overview of the Members, Team Rooms and Video Systems connected to the service.

  • Members: You can modify their names, video address, reset passwords and set them as administrators. All users with a EUL will have attached a personal VMR. Removing a user will also remove their personal VMR.
  • Team rooms: You can modify the names and video address, as well as attach it to a user for management.
  • Video systems: All Video endpoint subscriptions for shared resources can be modified or QR codes for Meeting Connect printed. Endpoints subscriptions twinned to a user are not displayed here. To add or remove a video endpoint subscription please contact your Pexip partner.


Inviting people

Clicking the “Invite people” gives three options:

  • Invite one person
  • Bulk invite
  • See pending invites to your company

The administrator can choose to a) invite one person or b) bulk invitations. Both options show how many licenses are remaining and open to use. To invite people the administrator should follow the instructions in either of the two invitations options:

For bulk invites, please also see this article for more details.

Managing pending invites

Administrators can see the pending invites - these are the invites that have not been activated by the user. Clicking “See pending invites to your company”, the administrator is given a few options: “Revoking Invitations” or “Resend Invitations”. Both are done by ticking the user and clicking either Revoke or Resend.

Deleting users

In the “Members” tab, the administrator can also delete users. This is done by ticking the box next to the user and clicking delete.

Similar opportunities are there for Team Rooms and Video Systems. The administrator simply clicks on the correct tab (Members, Team Rooms, Video Systems).

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