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    Pexip for Microsoft Teams Webinar Questions


    Thanks to you all that attended and submitted questions to the webinar.  Below are the questions and answers that we asked before and during the event.  If you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a note.

    One of the common questions was will there be a recording available.  Of course there is, you can access the replay here.




    How does your solution of the gateway differ from the BlueJeans or Polycom offering?

    Hi Axel, yes, we will cover that briefly later in the session.

    Hi, Good Morning, while we deploy Pexip in Azure, we have an option in Management node to configure either Transcoding node or Edge Node; what will be the use case to deploy/choose  edge node for Azure and as such there is no separate template for Azure to differentiate Transcoding vs Edge (from On-premises point of view, we are clear on these roles but from Azure is confusing)

    Hi, Edge nodes in Azure can protect your transcoding node so that they are internal only and do not require public certificate.  Also means bursting nodes can be private too.  The choice is entirely your decision based on the customer network and requirements.

    Will Pexip for Teams be part of Microsoft price list or the purchase still from Pexip?

    It will not be part of the Microsoft price list. Pexip will only be available via partners.

    Can Teams Dial out to VTC endpoint

    No, this is not available in the first release.  We are planning it for the future.

    Please, how exactly is the FW traversal feature done? Thanks, Jan

    Hi, for FW traversal, we recommend using Pexip Edge nodes, details here

    We are using Jabber today and evaluating MS Teams. We have a large (250%2B) Cisco SX / MX video codec environment. Managed between VCS & TMS.  Can Pexip bridge this environment to the MS Teams hosted meetings?

    Hi, certainly, that is what Pexip can be used for.  You have the option of removing the VCS and moving call control and registrations over to Pexip.  We would recommend keeping TMS to keep your Cisco systems managed.

    Does the "alternate VTC dialling instructions" provide a direct SIP URI to the conference rather than IVR?

    Hi, yes it can, you can design that landing page, so display whatever info you like, so would take you straight into the Teams meeting.

    Thanks, so are we saying in Azure, we need to select edge node for Internal facing/Corporate endpoints integration and select Transcoding node for Internet/Public facing endpoints

    No, the other way around.  Transcoding ideally internal and Edge for External.

    Why do you need to use the IVR and not just route the call directly by a direct URI?

    Hi, you don't have to use IVR, you can route directly too.

    What if I invite people to a Pexip meeting, but I want them to have a Teams invite link?

    Hi, you need to decide where you are hosting the meeting.  If you are having a Pexip based meeting, Teams client cannot join that.

    So, no security PIN, but Is there a way to push that invite on the room endpoint touchscreen and join with just pushing the join button? Just to get rid of even dialling in a long number...

    Yes, it is possible to have Click to Join, One Button to Push on Cisco and Polycom devices.  However, that will require a third party, Synergy Sky Join for this.

    How do you know if it’s John Smith calling in via a VC unit to allow or disallow them?

    That is a Teams limitation, you see the remote display name and you must decide if you want to allow it in.

    Is there somehow a way to create an Invitation with a "One Button to Join" Feature for VTC where the DTMF Tones (Conference ID) are automatically transmitted via the dialling URI?

    It is possible to use a 3rd party for the OBTP feature from Synergy Sky Join.  Users just click the Join button and it dials the conference URI.

    Do the trusted VC endpoints need to be registered to Pexip to allow it to be trusted?

    This can be controlled via the Call Routing Rule in v20

    Can outside attendee admittance be limited to only the organizer or a specific group?

    That is a Teams setting, as far as I know, that granular detail is not available yet in Teams.  It is Lobby on or Off and then users are trusted or untrusted.

    Can Pexip be installed on Azure or enabled as an application on Azure?

    Pexip can be installed in Azure.  It is not an application in Azure today.

    I understand that Teams will have a WebRTC interface for those joining the meeting externally.  Will Pexip still have their WebRTC client when using interop with Teams?  If so, it sounds like external users will have a choice as to which WebRTC client they will want to use?

    Hi, yes Pexip will still have the WebRTC and that can join Teams.  Voice and Video are only on Edge with Teams.  Chrome and FF will be supported by Microsoft I understand, but today you could get around that limitation with Pexip WebRTC.

    In this scenario, if I have s4b online users I have to use Synergy sky plugin?

    Correct, but it's not a plugin, it is a server application, so no user deployment required.

    How does WebRTC integrate? Can I integrate participants using a browser and WebRTC?

    You can use Pexip WebRTC to join Teams meetings, but that will be native support with Microsoft on Chrome and Firefox eventually. Is that what you meant?

    How does it get inserted into the invite? MS has restricted that ability in the past

    You set up your CVI details via PowerShell and there are only three options.  You are in control of the Alternative Joining instructions webpage.

    We have 5 large UC clusters (CM, CUPS & Unity) that we have to maintain for regional telephony. Does VCS still have a purpose? Say to route our telephony calling as audio-only to a Teams meeting conference line?

    Pexip can also integrate with CUCM so you could route audio from Cisco > Pexip > Teams.

    Sorry I missed CVI, what's the full form

    Cloud Video Interop - Microsoft has named the interop this.

    But others can presently join my Pexip meeting via a 1) web browser, 2) Skype, or 3) Desktop client.  So why can they not join via Teams?

    You need to ask Microsoft that :) The Teams client is very different to Skype for Business

    Any updates on enabling point to point media when using Pexip as an H323 gatekeeper?  Current deployments route media through a Pexip conferencing node even for point to point calls.

    Hi, that is still being planned for a future release. No idea on timescale just yet.

    Would you be able to dial from a registered VTC directly to a Teams Client and vice versa?  Or only VTC to Teams meeting?

    Only VTC to Teams.  The Teams client cannot join anything else.  There is plans to allow Teams Client to registered VTC.

    What is the role of Pexip when the customer does not have traditional endpoints? Or is phasing out the "old" equipment?

    If they have no old VTCs, then no need for Pexip, unless they want WebRTC access to Teams today.

    Is Teams still functioning like SFB where a certain region hosts the call so all participants around the globe are pin holed to that Skype or Teams call?

    No Teams is different.  It is where the first caller connects from.

    How about DTMF Control - e.g. if a VTC is muted in Skype Meeting or Teams Meeting, can it unmute via the Skype or Teams DTMF options?

    Muting can be done with the SfB client and planned with the Teams client

    Will the capacity of the Teams connector node more closely match a transcoding node, edge node or be completely different?

    It will be very different, but approximate 1/2 way from a Transcoding Node and Edge node.

    Want skype interop free, just leveraged current licenses?

    Pexip is not free I'm afraid.

    Is there any official documentation/communication from MS Teams certification Pexip in MS Teams?

    This will come out at Ignite

    1. Can an external participant join a Teams meeting via WebRTC?

    Yes, it can

    2. Can a Teams user join a Pexip-VMR?

    No, it cannot

    We know that S4B server 2019 will be available in the next months. Pexip is just certified or it 'll be certified. Is there a roadmap for this? Thank you

    We have tested with Server 2019 as we are part of the Microsoft TAP and nothing changes.  We will be certified for 2019 too.

    Can we make use of the Teams connector as a standalone connector using 3rd party infrastructure? or do we have to deploy a management node and conferencing node as well?

    No, you have to use all the Pexip components, Management Node, Transcoding Node, and Connector Node as a minimum.

    What are specs for team’s connector node?

    This is currently a D4v2 server, subject to change.

    right it just pulled from license pool. didn't need to buy anything else

    That is correct, enable Teams on Pexip and everyone has interop available.

    Does Pexip allow chat and presence interoperability between S4B and teams?

    Pexip allows for chat between Pexip WebRTC and Skype for Business.  There is no chat with Teams today

    Will Pexip for Teams be MS certified with general availability of Pexip for Teams?

    19th October 2018 is our GA date.  MS Certification is currently underway and will be announced shortly by Microsoft.

    Can you join a Pexip/teams meeting with your Skype client?

    Technically yes :)

    Any Pexip documentation on the Teams integration you can share?

    Yes, we will publish these on when available.

    Will it be possible to make a trial of the solution?

    Hi, you can contact us at

    We are a current Pexip customer. We have been waiting for this version to come out, so we can integrate it. Does the Teams portion require extra licensing to purchase? Please get with me later to talk about this!

    Hi, yes there is a new license. I'll get your account manager to chat with you about it.


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