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    Infinity Connect Client Download


    Invited to a Pexip meeting? You can join straight from your browser - downloading the client is not necessary.

    The links below are for use by organizations who have specifically enabled this functionality. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need to download the client, contact the meeting organizer.



    Click here: Windows (x64) client

    Checksum: 709a7361e91c36e6880e724dd130e600


    Click here: MacOS (x64) client

    Checksum: f3ae0641c3f3664def38caa6ff1504bf


    Click here: Linux (debian) client

    Checksum: 80bdc8cdbb2c583539f0db7f6af5ca15


    Click here: Linux (tarball) client

    Checksum: c3096bd34238eb5f7e59b78a38b622e9

    Release notes:

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