Activate Endpoint app reaches 70% complete and then times out

The Activate Endpoint app is used to automatically provision many Cisco and Polycom devices.

Here is some troubleshooting help for the situation where the app reaches 70% complete and then times out. This is often because the hardware endpoint can't resolve the address for Pexip's provisioning server, so the first thing to check is the DNS configuration.


Step one: Check that your hardware endpoint has DNS servers

First, check that the hardware endpoint has been configured with DNS servers. If necessary, add DNS servers.
If the device already has DNS servers, or if activation fails after adding the new DNS servers, try the next step.

Step two: Check that your device can resolve public DNS records

With DNS servers in place, the next step is to test that the device can resolve public DNS records.

For example, on Cisco devices running CE and TC based software, you can run a command that sends some ICMP packets to the Pexip provisioning server. If the response shows that the same number of packets were received as transmitted, this means the device can successfully resolve the Pexip provisioning server address.

To run the command:

  1. Connect to the device using SSH.
  2. Run the command below ( is the Pexip provisioning server):
systemtools network ping

Here’s an example of a successful DNS response:

ping: (, 3 packets, timeout 2 seconds.

3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, avg rtt 136.430 ms

If the command fails, you need to check that the DNS settings have the correct values. If needed, make changes and rerun the app.

If you're sure the DNS servers are the correct ones, or if activation fails after correcting the DNS servers, please see step three below.

Step three: Seek help from your local IT administrator

If the above two steps don't work, please contact your local IT administrator for help. If they can run the network test from the same VLAN as the endpoint, they can get a report on the network's suitability for provisioning hardware endpoints and this may help diagnose the problem.

The network test is available via the Activate Endpoint app. See here for more information about the network test.

You may also want to check these other things that can cause provisioning to fail:

  • Geo IP filters erroneously filtering out Pexip IP addresses.
  • Content or web filters preventing communication.


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