About Android app permissions

In addition to joining with full video and audio, or audio only, the mobile apps let you dial in to calls via the standard telephone network (PSTN) and you can join meetings on VTC systems using a QR code.

When you first access any of these features the Pexip app requests your permission to use your camera, microphone, or phone as below:

  • Video calls: "We need access to your camera and microphone to make a video call".
  • Audio calls: "We need access to your microphone to make an audio call".
  • Audio call (Dial-in): "We need to be able to start phone calls on your behalf to dial in".
  • Video system (Scan QR code): "We require access to your camera to scan QR codes".

As well as permission requests from the Pexip apps, you see a second message from Android itself. The Android message usually starts ‘Allow Pexip to’.

We only request essential permissions based on the feature selected. To continue to use the feature, select Ok/Allow to both requests.

Rest assured that we use your data solely for the purposes of providing you with the service.

You can read Pexip's Privacy policy here.

Here is Pexip’s Terms of service.

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