Getting Started: MeetingConnect - Join video meetings with your smartphone

Wouldn't it be great if, for your next video meeting, you didn't have to dial a long complex video address?


Joining your next meeting is incredibly simple. By scanning a QR code with your smartphone, the MeetingConnect feature in the Pexip mobile app wirelessly connects with any of your company's video systems to let you join your meeting without needing to dial any long, complicated video addresses.



  • You should have the latest version of Pexip mobile app installed 
  • Sync your mobile calendar with Pexip app
  • Your company's video systems must be registered to the Pexip service


1. Install the latest version of Pexip mobile app on your device

  • When updating to the latest version, Android devices will automatically install an additional  shortcut icon labelled Meeting Joiner 
  • This shortcut is then listed in your device’s app drawer
  • Pro tip: add the Meeting Joiner icon to your device's home screen for faster access


2. Sync your meeting calendar with the Pexip app*

  • Log into Pexip mobile app
  • Under the Settings menu, select the Calendar option
  • A list of all available calendars on your device is now displayed
  • Check the calendar(s) you receive meeting invites from to sync them with Pexip app
  • New meeting invites with now be displayed inside the app in the Meeting Schedule tab 

*If you have previously connected your calendar to Pexip app, you can skip this step 

3. Join a meeting with from your video system with QuickConnect

First, make sure that you’ve received a calendar invite to the meeting you would like to join and it is being displayed inside the Meeting schedule tab:  

  • Begin by scanning the QR code with your smartphone
    • On Android devices open the Meeting Joiner app to scan
    • On iOS devices, open your device's regular camera app
  • A popup notification displays the list of your upcoming video meetings on your device
  • From this list tap the meeting you would like to join
  • Now, from the video system's touch screen panel, accept the "incoming call" to join the meeting


As long as the video system has been set up with its own QR code, you can connect to it with MeetingConnect easily. So there's no need to worry about which video system or meeting room you would like to use ahead of time, or how to dial in from different systems. 


Schedule a meeting, find a free video system and connect. It really is that easy!


Company admins - want to know how to set up QuickConnect for your company? Check out this Admin User guide to get started. 

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  • Can you change the instructions of the QR printout to
    Step 1: open camera/meeting joiner app
    Step 2: scan QR
    Step 3: select meeting you would like to join.

    We have seen examples of users who first tap the meeting in the My Meeting Video app, which immediately starts that meeting on the mobile device (in stead of in the room).

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