MeetingConnect - "Scan to Join" Admin Setup Guide

MeetingConnect lets your company's Named users or Guest users join a scheduled video meeting from any of your video conferencing systems without having to dial or enter a video address.


Instead, they can simply scan a QR code with their smartphone and then select the meeting from their calendar to wirelessly connect the video system into the meeting. And best of all, it doesn't just work for Pexip meeting, it works for almost any video meeting service.



  • Your company's video systems should be registered to the Pexip service (any Pexip for Video Units plan, sometimes referred to as "endpoint subscriptions")
  • You should have admin user permissions for your company's account
  • A Guest user or Named user should have the latest version of Pexip for mobile installed
  • Supported on IOS and Android. 


List of Meeting Services Compatible With MeetingConnect

The feature works with meeting services or platforms using "standards-based" videoconferencing dialling addresses (SIP / H.323) and is compatible with the following services:

  • Pexip
  • Skype for Business (premium subscription required)
  • Microsoft Teams (requires separate Microsoft Teams interoperability gateway service to be enabled)
  • Google Hangouts (requires separate Hangouts interoperability gateway service to be enabled
  • Cisco WebEx
  • BlueJeans
  • Zoom (Zoom subscription should support SIP / H.323 protocol dial-in)


Admin Setup Guide:

It’s really easy to set up MeetingConnect for your whole company in just a few minutes by logging into Pexip app on the web.


1. Log into the Pexip web page

  • Select Company administration page and open the admin dashboard
  • This page was previously labelled Manage Company



2. Open the Video Systems tab to view the list of all your company’s video systems

  • You should be able to see the list of your company’s video systems registered to Pexip service 
  • This tab was previously labelled Endpoints


3. Generate the QR codes + default user instructions

  • You should generate one QR code per video system
  • Check to generate the codes individually for each video system, or bulk select multiple systems
  • Click Print QR code
  • You can now save and print the PDF file or email it to others


4. Place the QR codes into your meeting rooms

  • Place the PDF print out next to the corresponding video system
  • Make sure it is clearly visible to people when they enter the room
  • Make sure that users have downloaded the latest version of Pexip mobile app
  • Users can then follow the printed instructions to quickly scan the QR code and join the meeting from the chosen video system


 Want to help your users start to use MeetingConnect

Share this quick start guide with them here. And don't forget, we include simple instructions when you generate your QR codes, so users will always have a reminder on how to scan correctly on their device inside your meeting rooms. 

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