What's new in the Pexip apps

See what's new and what's changed in the apps, including the Pexip desktop, web, iOS and Android apps. Features not marked as beta are officially released.
For news on changes to the other parts of the Service see What's new on the Pexip Service.

How to get the changes 

If you need to download the latest version of the app, we'll let you know the release version below. 

August 2020

Disconnecting all participants now stops live streams 

Pexip web and desktop app users can now use Disconnect all at the end of a live streaming session to stop the live stream as well as disconnecting all participants.

Release version: not applicable.

Stream from a one-time-use room

We’ve fixed one-time-use rooms so Pexip web and desktop app users can now do live streaming via a one-time-use room.

Release version: not applicable.

Pre-populated joining instructions now show clearer guidance on how to get PSTN dial-in numbers for other countries

Users of the pre-populated joining instructions (available via Advanced room info in the Pexip web, desktop, iOS and Android apps, or via the Outlook and Google Calendar plugins) can now see clearer guidance for telephone users on how to get dial-in numbers for other countries.

Release version: not applicable.

SSO users are now logged out

After deselecting Keep me logged in on the login page, an SSO user is now logged out as expected, when they leave the app. This applies to Pexip web and desktop app users.

Release version: not applicable.

July 2020

Share your screen from iPhone or iPad

Great news for iOS users, you can now share your screen during meetings via your iPhone or iPad. See how to share your screen on iOS.

Release version: iOS 3.20.7

Mute all guests using iPhone or iPad

As a meeting host, you can already mute all participants, now we've added the ability to just mute guest participants. The setting takes effect for guests currently in the meeting and any future guests too, so your meetings can run more smoothly. You can toggle the setting as required, just go to the participant list at any time during the meeting.  

Release version: iOS 3.20.7

Experience better performance and save on battery

Pexip for iOS now uses MetalKit graphics which helps improve performance and reduces the strain on your device’s battery.

Release version: iOS 3.20.7

Bug fix: dialpad visibility in iOS

We fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing the DTMF pad from showing in iOS.

Release version: iOS 3.20.7

June 2020

Join meetings without connecting a camera or microphone

Users who don't have a camera or microphone connected to their computer can now join meetings to see what's going on, while participating with audio via their phone, if required. Join meetings without a camera or microphone connected. 

Release version: not applicable.

Configure larger font sizes in the iOS app

We've added support for larger font sizes on the iOS app. Download the latest version of the app and go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size

Release version: iOS 3.20.6.

Admit VTC system participants waiting in the lobby

Beta feature: room owners and company admins using the desktop, web or Android app can lock a conference knowing that they'll be able to admit VTC system participants waiting in the lobby one at a time. The latest iOS version, lets you see waiting participants, but to admit them you unlock the room. Locking a room.

Release versions: Android 3.4.0, iOS 4.6.

See participants organized in groups on the roster

To quickly review and admit waiting participants to a locked conference, room owners and company admins using Android can open the roster and see the waiting participants at the top of the list. The roster refreshes more frequently giving more up to date information. This change requires a download of the latest Android app.

Release versions: Android 3.4.0.

Find out more about running Pexip apps on Windows 7

You're probably aware Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January 2020, if you're still using Windows 7 go to Pexip (MyMeetingVideo) app on Windows 7.



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