Locking a room

A Pexip room can be locked by the room owner or company administrator using the 'padlock' button in the app:


After having locked the room, the host(s) will see this message in the app:


If someone tries to enter a locked room, they will be unable to join.

If on a video endpoint, they will enter a lobby and the host is notified someone is waiting, both with an audible "knock-knock" sound and an on-screen message:


If the participant has the host PIN, they can enter this to join the room. Otherwise, the host will have to let them into the meeting manually.

If the participant is on a Pexip app, they will be unable to join. (We are working on fixing this, so the experience will be the same as for the video endpoint participant).

Any locked room will automatically be unlocked after 24 hours.

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