What's new on the Pexip Service

See what's new and what's changed. Here we're covering changes to the Service including support for Pexip Meetings (VMRs), video conferencing (VTC) endpoints, and Teams and Meet interoperability gateways. Features not marked as beta are officially released.

For news about the client apps, go to What's new in the Pexip apps.

See also the Partner Portal upgrade history. 

How to get the changes

The changes below are already live on the Pexip Service. Some features may need configuration or a subscription though, for extra details take a look at the linked articles. 

September 2020

Trusted devices customers using IP address to allow lobby-bypass can now restrict by domain as well

We’ve enhanced the Trusted devices feature so you can now further restrict the IP address rule to only include endpoints coming from a specific domain. This is useful when multiple companies share one call control infrastructure. See also Trusted devices - description.

June 2020

Activate Endpoints using the new app

We've released a new version of the Activate Endpoint app which automatically installs the CA Root certificate for Cisco CE 9.8 and newer devices, saving the effort of doing it manually. Before you can use the app, you also need an endpoint subscription from your video service provider. To get the new version of the app go to the download apps page. 

Beta feature: Enter a locked room via the lobby 

When a VTC system participant dials in to a locked room they can now wait in the lobby until the host admits them. Locking a room. 

Beta feature: Automatically set a host PIN for access to personal VMRs

To save time administrators can configure the option to automatically set a random four-digit host PIN for existing and new users of personal VMRs. Setting host PIN on all personal VMRs.

Organize your directory into folders

Administrators can now organize their directory into a folder structure of their own design making it easier for their hardware endpoint users to find the personal VMR, team VMR or VTC system endpoints they're looking for. To use this feature you need a hardware endpoint that supports folders. Read more about folder-based corporate directory.

Configure trusted devices

Administrators can now configure unregistered devices as trusted so that they bypass the lobby when joining Microsoft Teams and Google Meet meetings.  See also Trusted devices - description.

Register Polycom G7500 and Polycom Studio X devices to the Pexip Service

We now support provisioning of Polycom G7500, Studio, Studio X30, and Studio X50 devices on the Pexip Service. For more information go to Polycom G7500 and Studio X provisioning.

Dial in from Vietnam using PSTN

Users dialing in from Vietnam can now join calls as audio-only participants via the local PSTN telephone network. You can find the number for your country in the virtual meeting room dial-in information. Also see how to make an audio call without using a data connection.

Hold conferences with up to 100 participants 

We've increased capacity so that your meetings can now support up to 100 concurrent participants. A participant is a single connection, for example, one person dialing in via a client or a VTC system in a room with several people. 


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