Running a MTR network trace

You may be asked by the Pexip support team to run an MTR trace towards a node at one of our global PoP's.

The MTR tool is a simple yet effective network diagnostics tool that combines a traceroute and ping test. It will help with analysing potential issues on a customer and/or carrier network such as routing between carriers, packet loss on the carrier path and edge networking equipment.

System administrators may already be using this tool or something similar. If you do not have the tool already installed please follow the below guide for installation.

Windows Users

To download the Windows installer package please visit the WinMTR website to obtain the Windows installer file from their official download.

Mac Users

For Mac users, the process is a bit more involved as it requires the use of Homebrew package manager. 

Please see the detailed Pexip Help Centre guide:


Running the Trace

To complete a full network and last mile analysis the trace will need to be run in both directions:

  • Pexip Cloud Network to Customers Edge
  • Customers Network to Pexip Edge

Last mile issues can occur on one path and not the other.

You will be advised by the Pexip support team member on what type of trace to run. In most cases, a standard ICMP trace with a larger MTU size (1000-1500 bytes) will be required.

The trace should ideally be run from the same VLAN as the video conference equipment to help identify any internal network configuration issues. If network equipment is configured to deprioritise ICMP request this will provide a false positive and not be useful in analysing the internal network path.

Outbound Trace (Customer to Pexip)

The trace will need to be run from a computer within your network to an IP or host address of a Pexip edge service. To perform this trace successfully your network equipment will need to be configured to allow ICMP/UDP datagram requests on you internal equipment and through your firewall/proxy.

Inbound Trace (Pexip to Customer)

Should Pexip need to trace back to your network we request that you allow incoming ICMP/UDP datagram requests from your edge networking equipment. This can be limited to specified Pexip Cloud service IP addresses which will provided by the Pexip support engineer.

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