Large meetings in a Pexip VMR

The Pexip service platform supports large video meetings, where one can combine video conferencing and streaming to connect with hundreds or even thousands of participants. It is, however, important to be aware of some of the limitations and best practices to have a best possible user experience during such meetings:

  • The Pexip VMR supports up to 100 two-way audio/video participants, where each participant can both send and receive audio and video. In our experience, any meetings of this size will require dedicated resources to handle connections and microphone muting/unmuting.
  • If there is a need to connect more than 100 participants, streaming should be used. Streaming participants will receive audio and video, but will not send. This both reduces the bandwidth requirements and makes for a better user experience as it will for example remove accidental noise from unmuted microphones. For information on how to set up streaming from Pexip's VMR, please see these articles.
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