Cisco CE 9.10.x or later firmware unable to be provisioned by Activate Endpoint app

Cisco endpoints running CE firmware release CE 9.10.x or later are unable to be provisioned by the Pexip Activate Endpoint app with the factory default settings.

When activating the endpoint to the Pexip Service the application will reach 70% on the status bar before the app throws the following error:



To resolve this issue you need to make the following changes to the TLS certificate verification settings on the endpoint.

From the web interface select the Setup tab from the top menu bar, then select Configuration from the drop down list.


Then from the menu side bar select the following:

SIP -> TLS Verify -> Off


Phonebook Server -> TLS Verify -> Off


Provisioning -> TLS Verify -> Off



Then proceed to run the Activate Endpoint app again to complete the registration to the Pexip Service.


This issue will be addressed in the forthcoming release for the Activate Endpoint application.


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