One-time use rooms

One-time-use-rooms have unique room links that vanish after the meeting. So, only those invited to a specific meeting can access that unique room and join the call. This new functionality builds on our existing security features to give you more control over how you secure your meetings.

One-time use rooms are convenient when...

a) You don't want to think about changing PIN codes, but still want the privacy.

b) If you have back-to-back meetings and are worried there might be "collisions" between participants in different meetings.

c) You don't want to communicate your static link externally


Currently, one-time use rooms are available when scheduling meetings via the My Meeting Video for Mobile (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets) and the Pexip Service Outlook plugin (new version only). (We plan to make it available for My Meeting Video for desktop and web at a later stage.)

1. Scheduling one-time-use rooms on My Meeting Video for Mobile

(The below screen shots are taken from an iPhone, but Android will offer a similar experience.)

1. Click on the '+' sign to create a new meeting.


2. Select "A one-time-use room"


3. The new event, including the dial-in information is created:

You can also save that choice as a default setting for all future meetings.

This feature also works offline. The service will remember the information you select while offline and send the invite once you’re connected again.

Scheduling one-time use rooms using Outlook

(The below screen shots are taken from O365 on Mac)

Simply create a new meeting:



2. Clicking then on "Add meeting link" populates the invite body with the URL to the one-time-use room.

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  • Hi,
    I am at the moment on the trial of Pexip.
    I am wondering where I can set up “one time meeting rooms” from the Windows Desktop:
    I did not find this option, neither in the Outlook-Addon, nor in the Windows Pexip Desktop App.

    Please help me to test this important feature.


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  • Hi,
    When can we expect this functionality in production as it is still in Beta. Furthermore I would like the one time use rooms to be schedulable in the My Meeting Video app or the browser and they need to disappear after 24 hours max to avoid confusion.

    We need this fueature to be able to compete in the market.


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  • Hi Silco - it will be a production feature in the next upgrade, and the 'beta' tag will disappear then. For the other requests: we'll follow up this separately, as it requires some discussion.

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