Using DTMF tones to control a conference

Host participants using telephones or SIP/H.323 endpoints that support DTMF tones can control aspects of a conference by using their keypad.

The DTMF controls that can be used within a Pexip Cloud conference (Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium) are:

DTMF keys Control
*7 Toggle conference lock and unlock
*5 Toggle mute and unmute all Guests
*3 Terminate the conference (disconnect all participants including yourself)
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  • Should make this easier to Search up.

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  • Thanks Stian, naturally we want to make articles as easy as possible to search for. Can you let me know the keywords you were searching on?

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  • It seems that these DTMF tone controls are not limited only to H.323/SIP participants, but are also available if I have entered a VMR without logging in and then input the HOST PIN via DTMF. Is that by design? I'm hopeful that it is so that someday someone doesn't "fix the bug." :)

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