Cisco Endpoints Report Provisioning Failure With CE9.3.x and Newer

It has been observed that the Activate Endpoint desktop application version 1.1.2 generates a "Failed to activate system" error message when used to provision and activate a Cisco endpoint installed with CE9.3.x firmware or newer.  The error message will look as shown in the following image:


The Cisco endpoint, however, will be provisioned to the Pexip Service as per subscription template and can continue to be used.  The Cisco endpoint will be correctly registered to the Cloud Video Service and will be able to initiate and receive calls. 

  1. The error message from the Activate Endpoint desktop application is a false warning.
  2. The error message is generated by the Activate Endpoint desktop application version 1.1.2 only when the Cisco endpoint is installed with CE9.3.x firmware and newer.  When the Cisco endpoint is installed with an earlier CE firmware release, the error message is not generated.

Pexip is aware of this false warning message and will work to resolve it in a future release of the Activate Endpoint desktop application.

ID: MID-1006

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