Pexip app for Web & Desktop Known Issues and Limitations

The Pexip app 2.0 is a major upgrade and harmonization effort of both web and desktop application.

Enhancements for web include:

  • You can now call someone’s video address straight from the browser. (Within or outside your company.)
  • Receive incoming calls straight from your browser.
  • Find contacts and rooms easier with separate tabs.
  • Recent calls

Enhancements for desktop include:

  • Control participants from inside the app. Call, Mute, Disconnect or Invite participants.
  • Audio + Presentation only is now supported.
  • Turn your camera or microphone off before joining a call.
  • Improved Window handling for switching to different apps during a call.

Known Issues and Limitations:

  • Screen sharing by application is not supported on Windows 10 desktop version of Pexip app. (SP-1620, blocked by electron #6599)
  • Calling to an incorrect off-net address can create a call with a black screen. (SP-84)
  • The recent calls list does not update immediately. (SP-1068)
  • Ricoh IWB users are unable to restore Pexip app from PIP mode. (SP-755)
  • Searching for a URI in the local contacts list will not show as a contact. (SP-665)
  • Connecting via WebRTC in Safari is much slower to connect than other browsers. (SP-649)
  • Incoming Audio Call Notifications will not work in Chrome 66. (SP-399)
  • Incoming Audio Call Notifications do not work on Safari 11. (SP-395)
  • Bluetooth audio does not work correctly in Firefox and Safari. (SP-181)
  • Windows users may see a high number of Pexip app .exe processes running and Mac users may have high processor utilization when self-view is enabled. (#11909 & #11699)
  • Keyboard shortcuts are not working in Firefox (SP-2948)
  • Sharing "Just a window" doesn't display apps that are running in full screen on MacOS (SP-3024)
  • Cancellation of Pexip app installer during the upgrade does not rollback to previous installation in Windows 7/8/10 (SP-3271)
  • Company Administrators are not able to see users or user call history in My Pages. (MID-737)

Have you found a bug you’d like to report?

If you have not found your issue on this list please use the below template to report your issue and send it to send it here.

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#### Device ####

- Model (e.g. iPhone 7):
- OS (e.g. iOS 10.x.x):
- Client(Web or Desktop):
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#### Steps to reproduce ####

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#### Actual behavior ####

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#### Expected behavior ####

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