4. Our Pexip desktop app

The desktop app makes it easy to manage and participate in video meetings and video calls across multiple devices.

With the Pexip desktop app you can “do” professional videoconferencing from pretty much anywhere, at any time. Go to this download page, click 'Download' and install according to instructions.

We've put together this introduction to the app to help you get started: 


The Preflight Screen

This screen lets you check that everything is working correctly before you join a call

  • Test your speakers and microphone are working
  • Turn your camera on / off before joining
  • Turn your microphone on / off before joining
  • Check how your hair looks before joining!



Join your room from your Welcome page

Your room's Welcome page is displayed in the main window next to the sidebar. Press the Join now button to bring up your room's preflight screen.

  • Join using Audio + Presentation only mode, to enter your room without sending video
  • If you're the first person in a virtual meeting room, you will see the text Welcome to the meeting! Waiting for other people to connect... until the other participants enter the room



Join a call in a colleague’s room

If you would like to join a call in a different meeting room, you can use the Meeting room directory tab in the sidebar to switch to the new room in your main window.

  • Press the hashtag icon in the sidebar and select the room you want to join

  • Click on the room to open up its welcome page in your main window

  • Now you can join in the same way as you would for your own room


How to share your screen 
For better live collaboration you can easily share windows from other applications or web pages, as well as your entire desktop view, with the other participants.


  • Press the Screen-share icon in the top left corner
  • You will be asked how you would like to share:
    • Choose an open document or app window
    • Or share your entire desktop view
  • Now click Share

(Note for Windows 10 AND Chrome users: due to a Windows bug, there is only the option to share entire screen only.)

In-call management

Managing your in-call experience is easy with our simple call controls for your camera, microphone, and other features.mceclip1.png

  • Toggle your camera on / off at any time with the Camera icon
  • Mute / Unmute your microphone at any time with the Microphone icon
  • Features available only to hosts:
    • Use the Lock room feature. Press the padlock icon to lock your room and prevent anyone else joining the room
    • Invite a new participant directly from inside your room:
      • Press the Plus icon in the top right corner
      • Invite by dialing a contact from your contacts directory or by sharing the link to your room
    • View your Participants list
      • Press the People icon in the top right corner
      • This list shows you all the participants currently in the room
      • The list displays option to mute to mute or disconnect participants (either individually or all)
      • Get visual indication of who is talking / making noise. (Note: this requires the client to be a participant in the meeting.)



Making a direct call to another video contact 
As well as joining meeting room for scheduled or unscheduled video meetings, you can use My Meeting Video to call an individual video contact, both inside and outside your company network

1. Calling someone inside your company network

  • Either start typing the contact’s name in the search bar at the top of the sidebar or select the Contacts directory tab in the sidebar and scroll to find the right contact
  • Select the contact and click Prepare to call in the main window
    • Search results display all video contacts and virtual meeting rooms associated with a given name listed in your contacts or meeting room directory
    • make sure to select the contact rather than a room



2. Calling someone outside of your network

You can call any “standards-based” videoconferencing address from My Meeting Video:

  • Type the full video address into the search bar
  • Select the video contact and click Prepare to call in the main window
  • Save this contact by using the Star feature 

Receive incoming video calls

When logged in to the app you will receive any incoming call notifications - answer or decline with a press of a button.

  • Take calls from colleagues and other video contacts or take calls from a host who wants to add you to an ongoing meeting
  • Just press the green button to accept the call.


View recent calls
The sidebar will show you your recent calls by default. The Call history tab lets you see all recent incoming and outgoing calling activity, including any missed calls.

  • Call history is synced and updated on the desktop/mobile app and in the browser app
  • Includes call activity for video contacts and meeting rooms



Profile and account
From this tab, you can find your account information.

  • Your video address
  • Your meeting room's video address
  • Change your password, set your call defaults or send us feedback.


Room link
Press the Room link icon at the top of the screen to copy your meeting room's address and easily share it.

  • Press the Advanced room info section to view and copy the dial-in details for all supported methods to a Videxio meeting room 


Star individual contacts and meeting rooms
Select the contact or room you want to save.

  • Click the Star icon in the top right button
  • The contact or room is now saved to your Starred items in your call history tab


Select the Cogwheel icon in the top right corner to view your quality and device options plus your room settings.

  • Change the selected camera, microphone or speaker
  • Change the bandwidth settings for calls
  • Room settings will show you the room information and PIN codes for your room


PIN Codes
Go to profile & account, and choose account information. Press the cogwheel to the right of the text personal room. From room settings, you can set/change a host PIN and/or a guest PIN

  • Host PINs are used only by room hosts and prevent a meeting from starting until the host enters the correct PIN
    • Guests who arrive early are kept in a "waiting room" until the host arrives
  • Guest PINs must be entered by guests in order to successfully enter your room


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