Whitelist Domains - Firewall, Proxies and Group Policy

In certain network environments it may be required for Pexip service domains to be whitelisted in the group policy, web proxy or filtering corporate firewalls to allow traffic to pass without interference.

The following domains are required for the baseline Pexip service (SIP/My Meeting Video/Edge Services).


*.videxio.net (mpg.videxio.net & static.videxio.net)



Administrators are advised to keep the below rule to enable URL redirects:


Some web proxies may not support WebSocket (wss://) connections and break the connection to the Pexip servers. Please check vendor documentation to confirm the support status for the hardware/software versions. In these scenarios it is recommended to allow traffic to bypass the proxy inspection for the above domains.

Further My Pages or SIP domains may be required for customers who are using a partners white labeled service. If you are unsure, please contact your Pexip Service partner for more information.


 Skype for Business



ms.videxio.com (For calling to Premium subscription endpoints from Skype for Business)

More information on Skype for Business as an on premises deployments can be found in this article:



 Application Downloads

Companies with strict group policies may prevent the download of any application through web browsers. In this instance administrators will need to package these applications in to their enterprise software deployments.

Alternatively they my wish to whitelist the Pexip download domain:

download.vmr.vc (and/or a specific file or sub directory).

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