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    v18 beta is ready!


    Pexip is pleased to announce that v18 has entered the formal beta stage and is ready for your testing. This release will bring many of the features you have been waiting for. And we are seeking your help to test and prepare this release for public launch later this spring! 


    What's new? This release includes a number of new features. A few highlights include: 

    Brand new Pexip Infinity Connect client! We are quite excited to be launching our new user experience. The client is modern, flatter, easier to use, consistent across platforms and devices, and so much more.

    Timeline. Are you ever curious about what events have transpired since you joined the video meeting? Now, joining a call with Pexip Infinity Connect will give you a full timeline of all events, including thumbnails of any content that has been shared so you can stay on task throughout the meeting. 

    Architectural improvements. v18 will allow Edge Nodes to be deployed in a more "hub and spoke" manner, only having to communicate to Conferencing Nodes local within the network. 

    Improved Management. The Pexip Management Node brings so much more to the table in this release: 

    • Improved "Perceived Call Quality" metrics to encompass jitter as well as packet loss
    • Take network traces directly in the web portal
    • Troubleshoot calls faster using our new call summary page 
    • New alarms, including hard disk instability to let you know when things just aren't right
    • ... and so much more

    Getting started. Ready to get started? You can download this beta release any time from our downloads site. Then upgrade! 

    Please remember... this is a beta release and is not production ready yet. This version should only be used within your lab and test deployments; do not upgrade your production environment. 


    Feedback. We can't wait to hear what you think. Please let us know how everything goes in the comments below. We look forward to hearing back from you soon. 



    - v18 beta 1 download:

    - v18 beta 2 download:

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      Graham Walsh
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      Andy Rawll

      Looking for more on the new client. Specifically, white label and custom branding capability.

      Does this extend to updated iOS and Android clients ? As a Service Provider, it's essential that we can offer mobile clients that represent our brand (or in some cases end-customer identity) as opposed to the default Pexip look

      Edited by Andy Rawll
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      Andy Rawll

      Will the Branding portal ( evolve with the availability of v18 ?

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      Andy Rawll

      As also noted on Graham's video channel ( are there additional parameters available to configure in the JSON file ? In his demo, I see "Splash Screens" and "Labels" options, that are not referenced in the existing (v17.1) docs:

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      Jordan Owens

      @Andy Rawll - yes, the branding portal will evolve after the release of v18. We don't yet have a planned release date for the next version of the branding portal, so stay tuned...

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      Jordan Owens

      Hi all -

      We are getting incredibly close to the release of v18... RC3 has officially been released (of note, we didn't post RC1 and RC2 as they launched the day before RC3). You can download this release from our downloads site:

      We would also love it if you could take a moment and browse through our v18 documentation,

      Let us know what you think!

      Edited by Jordan Owens