Set up your video conferencing units as Skype for Business contacts

In order to place successful outgoing calls from your Skype for Business app out to video conferencing units registered on the Pexip Service, your IT admin must add each video unit as an individual "contact" to your company's Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

 Doing this means the unit will now be searchable by all your company's Skype for Business users under the local contact list.

To do so is very easy, and can be done in two quick steps:

1. Add the videoconferencing units as a new contact in your AD as usual

2. Now edit the SIP address for the contact

  • Use the attribute msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress 

Simply repeat this process for each video unit your company is using with our Skype for Business gateway service.

Your Skype for Business users can now easily call your video units directly, or add them as participants to a live skype meeting. 


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