Dialing into Skype for Business Meetings

For video units registered with the Pexip service, we make it simple for you to call quickly into a scheduled Skype for Business meeting without needing to dial a reaaallllly long string of numbers and letters that you need an enigma machine to understand.

There are two quick steps for fast, easy dialing from your video unit into a Skype meeting:

  1. Scheduling the meeting correctly.
  2. Using a connected app to receive the meeting invite and instruct your video unit to join the correct meeting.

Each step and different options are described in the rest of this article.

1. Scheduling your Skype meeting to include the video unit(s)

First, make sure your video unit(s) are listed as a Room resource inside your company's Microsoft Exchange directory.


  1. Schedule a new Skype meeting in Outlook as usual.
  2. Add the required video unit(s) to the meeting invite.
  3. To allow the video unit participant to share content in the meeting:
      • Select Meeting options and choose Who's a presenter
      • Select Anyone (no restrictions)
  4. Alternatively, you can right-click the video system in the participant list and select Make a presenter.

2. Choosing the application you want to read and process the invite

After you have invited the video units you want to participate, you need to use an app which is connected to your video unit to read the calendar invitation and convert it into the right format for dialing.

Your options are:

a) The Pexip app

When Meeting room mode (MRM) is enabled, each video conferencing unit is connected to an Android tablet or smartphone which is placed in the physical room where your video system is located.

You can then use the Android device to:

  • View the upcoming meeting schedule for the connected video unit
  • Join the next meeting with the video unit by simply clicking on the Android device

And not only that but it also works with scheduled meetings hosted on other video services, including Pexip, Zoom, WebEx, and more!

b) Use your existing Synergy Sky Meeting Server

If your company has already implemented Synergy Sky to use with your video units, you can use the touchscreen connected to each video system to view your meeting schedule and join meetings.

  • From the touch panel, you can click to join upcoming Skype Meetings with one-tap to join functionality.

Note that the exact functionality of your Synergy Sky service depends on the make and model of the video unit you're using it with.

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