Manual Activation of Cisco/Tandberg MXP Codecs

Here are the steps: 

  1. Grab the hexadecimal string that was needed to activate the endpoint by going to the customer's page in and then selected handouts. Click on the desired 'activate subscription' and grab the Hex string from the URL. Save for later
  2. Get your Endpoints IP and Login VIA web interface
    1. Go to Endpoint Configuration/General
      1. Under menu External Phone Book Settings
        • remove value under address
        • remove value under path
      2. Under menu External Manager
        • remove value under address
        • remove value under path
      1. Under menu Configuration
        • remove value under System name
    2. Go to Menu System Configuration
      1. H323 settings
        • remove E164 alias
      1. Gatekeeper Settings
        • remove GK address and authentication details
  3. After doing all that go to Submenu External Manager again
    1. Enter the following
      • External Manager Address:
      • External Manager Path: /prov/cisco/mxp/6403c82e-0a6a-4262-9975-cbc6bc067948/soap
      • Make sure to replace the Hex string in the path with the one you got from earlier

 NB. The External Manager Path for TC and TE software is: /prov/cisco/tcte/6403c82e-0a6a-4262-9975-cbc6bc067948/soap


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