Huawei TE30 Endpoint Will Not Activate and Register To Pexip Cloud Video Service

The Pexip Cloud Video Service supports the Huawei TE30, TE40, TE50, and TE60 video endpoint models for direct registration to the Cloud Service Network when used with an endpoint subscription.  The article Videoconferencing Units Compatible with Pexip Subscriptions describes the necessary firmware version necessary to support this registration. 

It has been reported that Huawei TE30 endpoints installed with firmware version V500R002C00SPC600 may refuse to activate and register to the Cloud Service Network, even when all network conditions are correct.  Troubleshooting at the packet capture level demonstrates that the root problem is that the TE30 endpoint believes that the security certificate provided by the Cloud Service Network is from an unknown Certificate Authority. Firmware version V500R002C00SPCb00 has resolved this issue, we recommend upgrading to this version or newer, otherwise see below to allow registration for firmware version V500R002C00SPC600.



To circumvent this issue and complete the registration attempt, the following steps can be taken to disable the Certificate Authority check on the TE30 endpoint. (Please note Huawei Support recommends using the Windows Telnet Client):

  1. By default the SSH and Telnet capabilites of the TE30 are disabled.  To enable these capabilities, the user can login to the web portal for the endpoint and set the necessary flags.  To access the web portal, bring up a browser and navigate to the IP address of the TE30 endpoint.  The default administrative credentials are User Name: admin and Password: Change_Me.  Once in the web portal, go to System Settings -> Security and set the SSH/Telnet capabilities to Allow.  telnet_ssh.PNG
  2. Telnet to the IP address of the TE30 endpoint.  It may be necessary to use a Personal Computer installed with Microsoft Windows and the native built-in telnet client.  If using Windows 10, it may be necessary to add telnet manually.  This article explains how to enable it on Windows 10:  Once telnet is installed sign into the TE30 endpoint using the debug credentials set on the endpoint.  The default debug credentials are User Name: debug and Password: Change_Me.
  3. At the command line, set: ui config set call.sipcall.IsUseCertificate
  4. You should now see the prompt IsUseCertificate(1).  The value 1 means that the Certificate Authority check is enabled, while the value 0 means the check is disabled.  Set the value to 0
  5. At the command line, set: ui config save     disable_CA_checking_-_during_changes.PNG  disable_CA_checking_-_after_changes.PNG
  6. Retry the endpoint should now be successful.

The steps described above should be sufficient to resolve the issue.  If the problem persists, please contact Pexip Technical Support.

Pexip and Huawei are in contact to discuss and resolve this issue so that this manual Command Line Interface (CLI) task will be unnecessary to successfully register a Huawei TE30 endpoint to the Pexip Cloud Video Service.

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  • Hello,
    I have finaly solved the TE30 and Videxio registration issue. Huawei released the Hot-fix firmware TE V500R002C00SPCb00 which is working with Videxio properly.

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