Domain Hosting on the Pexip Service: Justifying The Monthly Recurring Cost


Why does Pexip charge a monthly recurring fee to host a custom video domain, if the customer is the one who registers/purchases the domain and sets up the DNS SRV records to point to Pexip?



To support custom video domains so that parties outside the Cloud Service know where to route calls to, DNS SRV records are set to point to call control devices like,,, and  The devices handle SIP call flows, and the devices handle H.323 call flows.  Once the call attempt makes it to the call control nodes, the Service Network’s orchestration technologies then figure out which devices in the Cloud to next route the call to for proper call processing. The next device could be as simple as a destination Proxy Server, an MCU node, or an interworking gateway if necessary.  The Service Network is globally distributed, so the complexity of the orchestration can be high.  Some of the cost of R&D and maintenance of this architecture is figured into the cost of subscriptions.

On a more basic level, and are servers that reside in the Cloud and need to support the entire global Service Network.  We subscribe to Cloud Computing Services from vendors like Amazon Web Services to host these services in their clouds, to provide high reliability/redundancy/availability.  We also pay for the high-bandwidth connectivity which interconnects the various elements of the Service Network together, and to ensure access to the call control nodes.  The various vendors charge us to host these services and for connectivity, and we pass the costs onto our subscriber population.


Last updated: 2020-09-21

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