Known Issue: Only Provides Help Screen

The Activate Endpoint Application is a tool for The Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS Desktops which provides the user the ability to easily activate and register a supported endpoint model directly to the Pexip Cloud.  A standalone application which can be installed to the Windows and Mac Desktops, the application complements the existing Java-enabled webpage activation and registration script, and provides an additional tool to the field to enable an endpoint with Pexip Cloud Services.


It has been reported that in some instances that after the installation of the application on a Microsoft Windows PC, when the Launch Activation App button is pressed to initiate the process to activate the endpoint subscription, the only interface which is presented is the four-page sequence of help screens for the application:

The expected interface which should be presented provides the user the ability to Scan the local network for candidate endpoints which can be activated to the Pexip Cloud Service, or to specify the endpoint address if I Know The IP Address.


The issue with only the four-page interface showing the help screens appears to be a permissions issue that can be corrected by setting the executable file for the application to be run with Administrator privileges.  Locate the executable file for the Activate Endpoint Application, right-click on the binary to choose the Properties option, then select the appropriate checkbox under the Compatibility tab.  Save the new setting and then proceed with pressing the Launch Activation App button again to initiate the process to activate the endpoint subscription.  The expected interface to the application providing the endpoint subscription details and offering the two choices to either Scan or enter the specific IP address of the endpoint should be presented.

The steps described above should be sufficient to resolve the issue.  If the problem persists, contact Pexip Technical Support for assistance.

Last updated: 2019-06-11

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