Pexip app for Mobile and Tablet - iOS

Release: 2.2.6

Release date: 2018-12-17

  • Some of you told us you couldn’t join your meetings when behind a VPN or with certain carriers. We fixed it.
  • Security and privacy improvements.
  • We’ve improved the reliability of joining Skype for Business meetings by scanning a QR code or when using Meeting Room Mode
  • Shake to show in-call action buttons.
  • Meetings screen performance fixes.
  • Various layout bug fixes.
  • The app now requires iOS 10+.c


Release: 2.2.5

Release date: 2018-11-28

Introducing MeetingConnect

  • Join meetings with conference room video systems in less than 5 seconds by scanning a QR code as you walk in.
  • Find out more at

A new in-call experience

  • We’ve rebuilt the in-call experience from scratch for significantly improved performance across all iPhones and iPads.
  • When you’re holding your phone in portrait, the app will now properly capture everything so you no longer need to hold your device far away to capture your face.
  • Tap on your self-view to temporarily zoom in.
  • If you’ve hidden your self-view, swipe in towards the center of the screen where the self-view used to be in order to display it again or just tap the camera button.
  • The DTMF button now only appears when calling addresses outside your company. A new setting has been added if you’d like to still always show the button.
  • Now you can see chat and video at the same time in portrait orientation. Swipe up to expand chat and swipe down to hide it.
  • Some layout changes.

Join meetings via dial-in PSTN audio in a much easier way

  • Now you can join meetings via dial-in PSTN audio directly in the app without having to open a browser.
  • We’ll automatically pick the best country to use based on your location and our telephone number availability
  • Whenever possible we’ll attempt to automatically your meeting’s PIN
  • Now you can join via dial-in PSTN audio even when you don’t have an active internet connection!

Other fixes

  • Now you can once again properly join WebEx Teams in Meeting Room Mode
  • Now you can properly join when you’re notified that someone is in your room in the app
  • Various stability fixes


Release: 2.2.4

Release date: 2018-09-28

  • Chat during calls. You will only see chat history from the time when you join a meeting. Your chat history will not be saved once you leave your call. 
  • Now you can see the list of participants even if you are not a meeting host. 
  • If you are using a free trial, the "call someone" button now works when you do not have any recent calls. 
  • If you are using a free trial we will properly display the list of contacts. 
  • Fixed: After a long time in the background the app sometimes stopped working. 
  • Fixed: Unmute camera after giving access to it. 
  • Fixed: The list of meetings in the meetings screen now load even faster.


Release: 2.2.3

Release date: 2018-08-XX

  • The meeting tab now shows you all of your video meetings, including meetings you may have been invited to through other videoconferencing providers such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Bluejeans, WebEx, WebEx Teams, Pexip and Zoom. Call any of them through My Meeting Video. 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Release: 2.2.2

Release date: 2018-07-XX

  • Introducing One-Time-Use meeting rooms: schedule your meetings in rooms with a unique link and conference number, just for your meeting.
  • Now you can share an invitation link to your meeting by long-tapping on them. 
  • If you only find one search result we will show you calling options immediately.
  • Now whenever you join a call with audio-only we will let you know if someone else is sharing their screen and let you choose if you would like to watch.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Release: 2.2.1

Release date: 2018-06-XX

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Release: 2.2

Release date: 2018-05-29

  • Support for Meeting Room Mode
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Release: 2.1.9

Release date: 2018-05-02

  • We’ll now let you know what to do if your company hasn’t purchased any rooms within the room page.
  • Access a new shortcut to get to the right dial-in website for the room you’re trying to join (if you’ve tapped on a link from outside the app and aren’t logged in).
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements


Release: 2.1.7

Release date: 2018-03-07

  • You can now search for rooms from the contacts screen!
  • You can now search for contacts from the rooms screen!
  • We've made the app even faster, especially if you're in a large company.
  • We'll now let you know if you're offline and let you easily refresh.
  • When you create a meeting we've made the invitation text simpler and easier to understand!
  • An even easier way to provide feedback inside the app.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


Release: 2.1.6

Release date: 2018-01-19

  • Now it’s even easier to join meetings when you receive a link from someone. Tap the link and the app opens the right room immediately, ready to join! Click here to learn more.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Release: 2.1.5

Release date: 2017-12-19

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Release: 2.1.4

Release date: 2017-12-08

10 bug fixes, including:

  • Turn off the speakerphone during audio calls
  • Your personal meeting room's participant count is now more consistent across the app
  • The notification banner alerting you that someone has joined your room now more consistently appears when someone joins your personal meeting room


  • The self view is now displayed by default when video calling
  • Inviting someone to a room by dialling now lets you dial any video address


Release: 2.1.3

Release date: 2017-11-22

  • Works better on iPhone X.
  • Stability improvements.


Release: 2.1.2

Release date: 2017-11-03

  • Open the meeting participants list quicker
  • Confirmation added on "Disconnect all"
  • "Mute my microphone when joining calls" setting now works again!


Release: 2.1.1

Release date: 2017-10-30

  • Stability is improved.
  • (Beta): Redial participants if an outgoing dial expires or is cancelled.
  • A few problems fixed on iOS 11.
  • The minimal supported iOS version is iOS 9.


Release: 2.1

Release date: 2017-10-17

  • See a list of participants during calls
  • Share a link to invite someone into a call
  • Lock and unlock your room
  • Invite someone to your room by dialling
  • Mute and unmute participants in your room
  • Disconnect participants in your room
  • Easily access your participant list through the My Meeting Video widget


Release: 2.0.5

Release date: 2017-08-04

  • When joining rooms while they were locked you'd sometimes receive a confusing message. We fixed it.
  • If you have a personal room you can now tap your room card to enter your room's call history.
  • Meetings will now properly be loaded right after opening the app.


Release: 2.0.4

Release date: 2017-07-06

  • Preliminary support for Single Sign-On added (contact your video service provider for more details).


Release: 2.0.3

Release date: 2017-04-28

  • Time formats are now properly displayed for your next meeting.
  • Buttons would sometimes appear after ending a call. Now they're terminated.
  • Sometimes buttons would freeze in the calling screen. That hos now been corrected.
  • Sometimes, inexplicably, reconnecting to bluetooth during a call would fail. It no longer does this.
  • And other bugfixes and performance improvements.


Release: 2.0.2

Release date: 2017-03-29

  • You can now accept incoming calls as audio-only while the app is open.
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements.
  • Your happiness while using the app has been increased by 18%.


Release: 2.0.1

Release date: 2017-03-16

  • Rooms should now properly show up under rooms.
  • You can now log in using your e-mail.
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements.


Release: 2.0.0

Release date: 2017-03-01

The new version 2.0.0 of My Meeting Video App introduces support for mobile phones.

Your customers will now be able to enjoy a high-quality video experience from their mobile phones.
Note that the existing Tablet versions will also be revised to match the new user experience.

The new My Meeting Video App for Mobile and Tablet will include among others the following functionalities.

  • Standalone video client on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets (make outgoing and receive incoming calls)
  • Being able to receive presentation
  • Calendar integration
  • One touch access to your personal VMR
  • An always updated phonebook ensures quick access to contacts, and personal conference room.
  • List of incoming, outgoing and missed calls

The new My Meeting Video App for Mobile will also be able to place high-quality voice calls.
This is a very useful feature if your internet connection is slow, say slow airport WiFi, or a lack of 4G coverage where you currently are, you may want to go with audio only.

Note: To be able to receive incoming calls in this version, the My Meeting Video App must be in the foreground on your mobile or tablet.
In the upcoming version 2.1 this will change and you can have your My Meeting Video App running in the background and still receive incoming calls.

Also, the possibility to manage participants in VMR is not part of this release, but will be included in an upcoming release.


Release: 1.1.2

Release date: 2016-12-22

  • Improved reliability when making calls with poor network connections
  • Welcome to Room screen is now skipped when making calls to rooms without a guest PIN
  • Guest users can now call any room address without being asked if they’re sure they want to start dialling
  • The in-call screen will now remember zoom states for each stream if you switch between them
  • Self-view aspect ratio is now always 16:9 regardless of the type of device you use
  • Improved pinch-to-zoom in and out
  • Fixed URI issue with multiple dots after @-sign
  • More minor fixes to improve your experience

Release: 1.1

Release date: 2016-11-04

  • Join rooms without logging in
  • Join rooms while only receiving audio and screen shares and sending audio only.
  • Mute camera, microphone or both by default before joining calls.
  • Better ergonomics in call
  • Turn own camera on and off during meetings.
  • Toggle between the front and rear cameras
  • Move the small feeds around the screen or hide them by dragging to the edge of the screen.

Release: 1.0.2

Release date: 2016-04-21

  • Fixed an iPad orientation issue (video capture would in some cases be upside down)
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly logged out the user from the app

Release: 1.0.1

Release date: 2016-04-15 

  • Support for launch of app directly from MyVidexio
  • If a guest PIN code for an upcoming meeting is detected, that field is automatically populated
  • Improved user interface for iPad Pro
  • Fixed a video layout issue when iPad was rotated
  • Various cosmetic improvements / bugs fixed

Known issues:

  1. Users may in some situations be logged out off app
    1. Intention is that a user should never need to re-login to the service.
    2. Workaround is to simply type in password and log in again
    3. A fix is planned for 1.0.2 – early next week
  2. Issue with default orientation of camera – user may experience to be send upside down picture
    1. Intention is that app should deal with any orientation gracefully, and adjust camera output accordingly
    2. Workaround is to switch orientation twice – to revert to original orientation. Same problem will appear for next call.
    3. A fix is planned for 1.0.2 – early next week

Release: 1.0.0

Release date: 2016-03-18

Supported devices:

  • iOS 8.0 and newer
  • iPad Air model and newer
  • iPad Mini 2 model and newer
  • iPad Pro all versions
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