Tely: NAT settings needed for calling

Tely does not automatically receive audio and video when connected to a Pexip VMR.

To overcome this issue, NAT traversal on the Tely 200 has to be activated and set to automatic.

Tely plans to address this issue in a future release.

You can change the NAT Traversal setting for a Tely 200 by logging in to the Tely Portal (


-There you go to Configuration.

- Select your unit (name of your unit is in the lower left corner on the home screen of the Tely 200) and scroll down to the network section:

-Click on Disabled and select Use NAT Traversal:

-Click on Save

The NAT Traversal should now be set to Automatic

It can take a minute before the unit is updated.


Now you should receive audio and video in a Pexip call.

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