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    REC.VC by MNS recording for Pexip Infinity


    For a very easy to use, and easy to share high quality webstreaming, the REC.VC service by MNS enables adding recording to a VMR in a few very simple steps.

    1) Dial from the VMR to your recording alias (or from to your VMR)

    2) Conduct your meeting/recording

    3) Stop recording

    4) Download or send link via email


    The easiest way to get started is to use your Pexip Infinity Webapp to control the conference - this way you can pre-authenticate with any host pin prior to dialing out. There is no need to start audio or video in the webapp, it can also be used for locking the conference, approving guests in the lobby and dialing out to other participants, like a recording service.


    In this case we will dial out to our recording alias, by selecting the role as Guest, Pexip will ensure it is disconnected if it is a PIN protected conference, and all other participants has left to avoid recording nothing long after the conference has ended.


    As soon as the recorder is connected, it will appear in the roster list of the conference, and a new participant with a blinking red dot appears for the other participants.


    To view the recording in progress, verify packet loss and quality, you can go to and log on with your username/password.

    You can stop the recording either via the website, or by using the Pexip Infinity WebApp to disconnect the recorder.

    When the recording is done, it is available for you on on a simple interface that allows searching your recordings, downloading them as well as sending the recording as a link via email.

    All in all a service that takes no learning/preparation to get started using with high quality audio/video recording with Opus wideband audio and H264 HD video and content.


    Register for a trial at if you would like to test it with your Pexip VMR.

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