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    Arkena live streaming and recording with Pexip Infinity


    To feed a live stream (or conduct recording) from Pexip to Arkena (former Qbrik) this is a straight forward RTMP dialout from Pexip.

    First get your rtmp link from your Arkena contact.

    Log in to the Pexip WebApp (requires Pexip v9 or later).

    Dial out to a RTMP participant and select RTMP as protocol and insert the rtmp:// address you where provided by Arkena.


    Let it buffer for a while and go to your Arkena playback page, also provided by your Arkena contact. This could be a branded page with your logos, that may be integrated with your intranet, webpage with the security that you desire for your streaming needs.


    Click the play button, and the live stream from the Pexip virtual meeting room will start playing.



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