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    Wowza Streaming and Recording for Pexip Infinity



    Add an Application

    Log in to your Wowsa Streaming Engine Manager (default http://wowza-hostname:8088) and go to Application -> New Application and select i.e. Live Single server or origin.

    Give your application a name, Add it and provide a description if desired.

    Note: Here we have selected the 'Record all incoming streams' to stream live and record at the same time.

    Optionally uncheck any playback types you do not prefer to have as an option if any.

    Set the content directory for where content should be stored on the server (or leave as default).

    Optionally set a limit for maximum playback connections at the same time.


    Incoming Security

     Click Incoming Security and enable the RTMP publishing is open:

     Note: These settings are open. It is possible to allow publishing from a single source address (Conference Node) for added security.


    Outgoing Security

    Then do the same for Outgoing security.

    These settings should be adjusted to suit local policy.



    Start streaming

    Now place a call from your Pexip deployment to check that everything works fine so far.

    In the Pexip v9 webapp or the v9 Mgmt interface, do a RTMP dialout to rtmp://wowza-server-hostname-or-ip/applicationname/streamname, in our example rtmp://wowza.local/live2/sales01


    When it connects, you can test the playback by going to Monitoring under your Application in Wowza, Test Players, and enter your stream name (i.e. sales01), click Start and wait for the stream to start. If it does not start, verify that Application and Stream are the parameters you set when you dialed out (in our example Application = live2 and Stream = sales01).


    Watch stream

    Now you are up and running with recording your RTMP streams to your regional Wowza server!




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