Taking packet captures with Pexip


The following steps describe how to perform a network packet capture on a Pexip node. Typically, a packet capture is taken while a specific problem is being reproduced. Packet captures can be helpful when diagnosing various network issues, for example problems with DNS, NTP, firewall issues and so forth.


1. Connect to the Pexip node over SSH (Using Putty, SecureCRT or another SSH client), logging in as user 'admin' (Without quotes)

2. In the SSH command line, issue the following command and input the admin password when prompted. This command will start a packet capture, storing the captured data in file /tmp/capture.pcap on the Pexip node:

sudo tcpdump -s0 -w /tmp/capture.pcap

3. While the capture is running, the following output can be observed:

4. To stop the capture, press Control + C in the SSH window:

5. To download the capture file capture.pcap, connect to the Pexip node with an SCP (Secure Copy) client, for example WinSCP - Make sure to use SCP as the transfer protocol, and log in as user 'admin' (Without quotes):

6. Navigate to folder /tmp and download the capture file, named capture.pcap:

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