Polycom: HDX Issues with Endpoint Subscriptions

What is the Polycom HDX software requirements?

We highly recommend that you are running software version 3.0.5 or newer.


I am trying to scan the network to find my Polycom HDX terminal, but I cannot find the endpoint in the list of video terminals.

Make sure that the SIP Transport Protocol setting on the system is not set to ‘Auto. To verify/change this setting from the remote control follow this procedure:

  1. Select System->Admin Settings->Network->IP->SIP Settings

  2. Verify/change the Transport Protocol setting

To verify/change this setting from web-interface of the endpoint follow this procedure:

  1. Select Admin Settings->Network->IP Network

  2. Under SIP Settings verify/change the Transport Protocol setting

NOTE: If your subnet is larger than 256 addresses (bigger than we will not scan all IPs. Then you need to enter the IP address manually in the "Click here if you .." link at the bottom of the activation page.



If no Phonebook is set on the system.

On the web-interface of the system go to Diagnostics->System Status. Check the status of the LDAP Server.

A reactivation of the subscription may resolve the problem. A restart of the system may resolve the problem.


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