Pexip network readiness evaluation

How to use the tool

Before you start using our service, click on the link below to evaluate whether your network supports the Pexip services and verify that no firewall will be blocking the service. The test will also identify any issues and explain how to resolve them. It will enable you to save the information and forward it to your IT administrator



The Pexip test line readiness tool ( need java to be installed to work.   If you cannot start the tool, please check

to see if Java is working properly, and what steps to take if it does not.

Also not that most Java installations do not use web proxies if the customer requires usage to traverse the firewall. Most Java installations will connect directly to the Internet sites and not through any web proxy.  If you have web proxy running on the customer premise and it required to access web resources the test will fail. Still you can can access the web pages we test from a browser, as these goes through the proxy (configured in the browser, but not in Java).

So in short:  We need direct access, as both Jabber clients and endpoints (terminals) access the web resources directly too.




Known Issues

  • Chrome does not support Java 7.  You need 32 bit java (Java 6) to get it to work properly
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