Cisco: How to reset factory defaults on E20 and EX series endpoints

"Reset to factory defaults" on the E20:

  1. Press ' * ' twice 
  2. Press 'Presentation'  (Laptop icon) 
  3. Press ' # ' twice

After you have done this, the unit will appear to be frozen for a few seconds before it reboots and starts up automatically. The whole process may take a few minutes. 

Factory reset of EX-Series entpoints:
The system can be factory reset in three different ways:

  1. By issuing the xAPI command: xcommand systemunit FactoryReset Confirm: Yes
  2. By using the Touch panel: Settings/Administrator Settings/Reset/Factory Reset
  3. By using the power button:
  • Unplug power cable
  • Replug power cable
  • Immediately when the green led in the bottom left corner lights up, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds (the led will turn off), until the green led lights up again
  • Push the power button twice within two seconds (two short pushes)
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