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    How can I construct my personalized URLs with WebRTC?

    Links to Infinity Connect Web App
    You can provide conference participants with a URL that, when clicked, will open an instance of Infinity Connect in their default browser. You can format the URL so that it pre-fills some or all of the required fields and allows the participant to review these before joining, or you can format the URL so the participant is taken straight into the conference.
    The URL is in the format:

    • <address> is the IP address or domain name of the Conferencing Node or reverse proxy
    • <alias> is one of the aliases for the Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium the user will join
    • <name> is the name of the user who is joining the conference
    • <bandwidth> is the bandwidth in kbps, and can be any number between 256 and 1864
    • <pin> is either the Host or Guest PIN, if required
    • <join> is 1 if you want the participant to automatically join the conference, otherwise it is not present
    • <role> is either host or guest and is used when the URL does not contain a PIN (for example, to allow Guests to automatically join a conference that has no Guest PIN). However, if the URL already specifies a, the PIN will determine the participant's role and the will be ignored.
    The URL must always include https://<address>
    /webapp/?; the remainder of the fields are optional, as follows:
    •  If a field is not specified in the URL but is required when logging in (i.e. alias, name, or PIN if the conference uses PINs), the participant will be required to provide the information themselves before they can join the conference. If you have previously used this specific webapp, it will remember the last conference you connected to if not specified.
    • If the bandwidth is not specified in the URL and the participant has not previously selected a different value, the default of 576 will be used.
    • If the domain name of your reverse proxy is, and there is a Virtual Meeting Room with the alias meet.alice, which has no PIN, the URL for Bob to join it directly would be:
    • If we then gave the same Virtual Meeting Room a Host PIN of 1234 but no Guest PIN, the URL for Bob to join it directly as a Host would be: and the URL for Bob to join it directly as a guest would be:

    Feedback and support

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    • Avatar
      Xiaoqing Chen Lin

      I tried to create such a meeting but it failed. Also, I do not want to specify name because I want any student to be able to join the meeting. And what if I do not specify the bandwidth since my students have different bandwidth on their computers?

    • Avatar
      Marius Nilsen

      Hi Lin, please email support and we will look at your specific case if you have trouble.

      If you do not specify bandwidth, the default will be used - maybe it is smart to specify 576, the ones with more bw can always increase it.

      If you do not define name, user will have to enter a name. All of this is optional.

    • Avatar
      Raymond Sebergsen

      Hi! The URL's work just perfect.

      But is there a way to add for example "&join" (and &present) or something like that so the user get directly in to the meeting based on the predefined URL without having to press the "join conference" (or alternatively "present screen only") button?

    • Avatar
      John Stuart

      Unfortunately it does not seem to work for me. I can pass in a name (though it is not happy with spaces or URL encoded spaces), it goes to the connect dialog but the VMR alias is always the last VMR alias I keyed in, not the one I passed in with the URL. Any clue what might be going wrong?

    • Avatar
      Marius Nilsen

      Hi John and Raymond,

      the URL scheme has changed in the newer versions of Pexip Infinity to make this easier - this article is now updated to reflect the changes.

      For the latest and greatest, please see page 14.