Pexip app for Mobile Known Issues and Limitations

Last Updated: 2017-10-17

Android Restrictions and Limitations:

  1. Invited participants reach a “No answer” state before dialing is supposed to end.
  2. Disconnected participants are displayed in the list for more time than what might be expected.
  3. “Server error” is displayed in the app after updating pin codes from MyPages.
  4. The owner can’t invite participants into locked rooms. Falsely appears to dial in the interface even though it is not really dialing.

IOS Restrictions and Limitations:

  1. When plugging in headphones while connecting to a room, the sound can come from the device speaker.
  2. Calls to rooms are sometimes forcefully close.
  3. Can’t invite someone by dialing who is not in the company directory.
  4. The button to open the participant's list sometimes disappears.
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