2. Getting Started with the Pexip service

Welcome to Pexip service! We’re excited you've decided to join us.

To help you get started, this guide shows you how to make a call and invite guests.

Fast, simple video collaboration with anybody, anytime, any place.

 1. Logging into your room

Your account provides a virtual meeting room specifically designed for professional video meetings. The room supports up to 100 participants on video at the same time. You should have received your login details in the activation email when you created your password.

  • Each room is hosted on our dedicated cloud video network
  • You can log into your room from any desktop device via your preferred web browser
  • Your room has a unique URL address that looks like this:  Screen_Shot_2017-07-12_at_15.45.57.png
  • With this link you can:
    • join a meeting
    • manage your meetings (invites, room settings etc.)


QUICK TIP! Save the URL for your room as a bookmark in your browser. This makes joining meetings and sharing your room link really quick easy.


2. Invite anybody

Because your room is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed through a web browser, it’s really easy to invite people anywhere in the world to a meeting, even if they’re not a Pexip user:

  • Share your room’s unique URL link - use the Copy room link toolbar in the top menu. You can then paste the link into emails, chat tools etc.
  • You can use this tool to paste into calendar invites etc. to help guests easily join scheduled meetings




3. Join a meeting for face-to-face collaboration

It’s really easy to join your meeting room in just a few seconds. We recommend Chrome or Firefox, for Safari and IE you may be prompted to download a browser plugin the first time you want to join a meeting this should only take a few seconds:

  • The quickest way to join your meeting is the click the Join through browser button on your room’s Welcome page 
  • You will be directed to the Preflight screen, where you check that your microphone, speakers, and camera feed are working correctly
  • Before joining for the first time you should install either the Screen sharing extension (Firefox, Opera) or the browser plugin (IE, Safari). This takes only a few seconds and enables you to share content in your room such as presentations or web pages
  • Click Join now or Join with plugin to enter the room:







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