Quickchannel Custom streaming/recording (RTMP) Setup

  1. Login to Quickchannel Bridge
  2. Click on ‘My Meetings’ on the left side of the screen and then ‘New Video Meeting’ image1.gif                    
  3. Enter the ‘Date and Time’ of the Video Meeting and the ‘Meeting Subject’image2.gif
  4. Change the category if need be
  5. Pick whether you want to record, broadcast, or both and then decide if you want the access to be internal, external, or both.image3.gif
  6. Press Create Booking
  7. The Scheduled recording will be populated in the list. Click it
  8. Copy the Direct Link and RTMP Link and paste in Pexip. The Direct link is the same for both live streaming and recording.image4.gif
  9. Refer to ‘My Pages Custom RTMP’ to complete the process
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