Cannot log in to Pexip

If you're unable to login to MyPages and are experiencing an issue similar to below access to is likely being denied access. This could be due to a policy on any of the following: your browser, computer, web proxy, or firewall. We most commonly see this issue in higher security environments where CORS requests are being blocked.


We recommend users work with their IT Department to allow traffic to * * * to prevent this and similar issues.


Follow these steps to verify the issue in your browser's console. 

  1. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to open Developer Tools Console.
    • Google Chrome
      • Macintosh - Command+Option+J
      • Windows - Ctrl+Shift+J
    • FireFox
      • Macintosh - Command+Option+K
      • Windows - Ctrl+Shift+K
  2. A new window will appear either at the right side or bottom of your screen depending on what browser you are using.
  3. In the new window you will see an error like below.Videxio_Fail_to_Login.png








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