Pexip Live Known Issues and Limitations

As of 2017-04-20 Pexip has released a new streaming and recording feature called, Pexip Live!

To review Pexip Live!’s features and functionality please go to our Medium blog

Partners must first complete training and a test to have this feature enabled. The training videos and test are available here:

Public Help Center Documentation for Pexip Live is available here:

Upcoming features not yet launched:

  • 12-hour clock time format in live event scheduling. (612)
  • Simultaneous delete a past event and YouTube recording from MyPages. (653)

Restrictions and limitations:

  • Scheduled events must occur on the same day, end day cannot be the following day.
  • Some pop-up windows for scheduling and event cards information buttons might appear in wrong locations.
  • Events can be scheduled in mypage for over 12 hours but do not display an error message, however, it will not allow a user to click the finish button.
  • If a user starts an ad-hoc event within an hour of a previously scheduled event they may experience flashing between the status card displaying the current event and the upcoming event.
  • Live Event Scheduling is not supported on Android phone and iOS devices.
  • Live Event Scheduling is limited to a signed-in user’s personal VMR only when there is no Team VMRs present in the company. (652)
  • On YouTube video transmitted when a stream is paused will appear in the final processed version of the recording. (933)
  • Streaming to Facebook Live Stream Keys that contains upper case letters will not work. The DevOps team is working to deploy a fix for this issue very soon. (Fixed 2018-04-05)
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