6. Our mobile app - Pexip

The Pexip app is available for both smartphone (iPhone / Android) and tablet (iPad / Android). For Android tablet and smartphone, go to Google Play. For iPad and iPhone, go to AppStore.

The smartphone / tablet apps can be used by anyone, including guests, to join a meeting room.

The remainder of this article shows how to use the app on an iPhone. For other devices, the experience is similar.

1. Enter your video address and password, and you’re in.


2. The first page you will see after logging in is the Recents page. You can see all your recent calls or just the ones you’ve missed. At the bottom of the page is the menu bar:


3. From Contacts, you can find the colleague you would like to call. If they have a green dot next to their name, they are online and available. Press their name and choose to call with video or just audio. If you want to call someone who’s not in your phonebook, just enter their video address at the top of the screen and dial from there.


4. Rooms. This section is for all the virtual meeting rooms in your company that you can dial into. Choose the room you want to call and choose audio or video. If you want to call a room that’s not in your phonebook, just enter the address at the top of the page and dial from here. For convenience, your own personal room is always at the top of the page.


5. Meetings. The first time you’re in this section you need to grant the app permission to your calendar. Simply select the calendar where you're video meetings will appear, in many cases this is your work calendar. When you have done this, all the video meetings will appear. Now you can simply press 'Join' to call directly into the meeting room. If you want to invite for a meeting, just hit the "+" symbol and follow the instructions. The app will take care of the rest and ensure the participants have all the information they need in the invite.


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