1. Overview of the User

Congratulations, you now have two very powerful collaboration tools at your disposal!

  1. Your own personal Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)
  2. Your personal video app

First, let's have a look at your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). This is a personal virtual meeting room where up to 100 participants can join, using all sorts of different devices and systems. The joining options include your browser on a PC/Mac, Skype for Business, normal telephone, standard video system (from e.g. Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize or Huawei), our own 'Pexip' app on any computer/tablet/smartphone.




Important: Your VMR has a specific URL address where you can a) join the Virtual Room via your browser and b) manage the room. Make sure you bookmark and save the URL for your VMR, as this will be useful when inviting people to meetings and when handling those meetings. To learn more about how to join a VMR via your browser, go here.

You also use the 'Pexip' app, that turns any personal computer, tablet or smartphone into a powerful video collaboration device. With this app you can:

  • Call directly to any other video system or video app
  • Receive video and audio calls
  • Join a video meeting room (like the one we described above)

Go here to download the app and here for a guide on how to start using it!


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